UWear Smart Watch Outdoor Sports running IP68 Waterproof The treadmill Watch

UWear Smart Watch Outdoor Sports running IP68 Waterproof The treadmill Watch

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  UWear UW90 Smart Watch Outdoor Sports Running IP68 Waterproof The treadmill Watch With GPS Positioning

Product description

For Your Outdoor Sports:

Running / Marathon,Treadmill
Through the sports time and the GPS to extract speed and trail, and the sensor sends feedback data to calculate the frequency of the steps,distance,speed,heart rate and other sports key data...

Integrated with sports mode and different algorithms, to show your caloris consumption...

Riding and Hiking
Height/Speed/Heart rate/Time/Mileage
During the ride,the watch shows the cycling speed,time miles,realtime heart rate and climbing height,to draw cycling trail map by GPS,and it shows perfectly in the APP.Data extraction,filtering,giving you the most comprehensive data support...
Mileage/Speed/Heart rate/Time/Colories
In walking mode,the watch displays steps,time, mileage,realtime heart rate,calories consumption in fat burning,speed,average heart rate,Hrmax,can be found in App.

Climbing / Return cruise and out of trouble
GPS+GLONASS+Beidou satellite positioning
Three satellite positioning systems complement each other and provide you with precise and reliable location service.

GPS Altitude
The GPS altitude can be measured in the period of the sports,and we have extracted the total height of climbing. (GPS+BDS+GLONASS)

Sports data monitoring
Mileage,Steps,Time,Height,Heart rate.

Compass and GPS combination provide you the return cruse and out of trouble function,can easily complete the positioning return cruise,and cope with the mountain lost.

Product Form: Sports watch

Dimensions: 48.5(D)* 15.5(T)mm
Gift box size 110*90*90 mm
Product weight: 259.6g (179.6g+80g)
LCD Panel: Screen Size: 1.2'
Screen Resolution: 110*110
Screen Material: Half reverse half through screen
Touch Module :NOT Support
Battery:Polymer Li-ion battery

Package includes:
1 x UWear UW90 GPS watch
1 x Back clip watch charger

1 x User manual